1 night on the street -revisit

a little over a year ago my pal mark zimmerman lead a dialogue via a radio event at a church on the near westside of cleveland.  the event was called 1 night on the street.

its purpose was and is to raise awareness that one person can truly make the difference in the life of those that are in bondage to poverty. i took a group of youth and another adult leader up for the evening.

i know for those that went their life was radically changed. the video above was the result of our students becoming frustrated that there was food left over from an meal that had been prepared as part of the evening. the weather had gotten chilly and those that would normally attend a free meal stayed in the warm places. our students decided to take the food to those in need. it took a journey. the city had already rounded up many of those in need and we finally caught up with them and offered a small portion. in the conversation that followed over the next couple of days, the words i heard from those that attend was how they had to get out their safety zone to reach out. so as part of blog action day 08 i share this video…and ask you to join in the conversation (as my pal nick says all the time!)how have you or will you engage locally and globally in meeting the needs of those in poverty?