366 days later…#Catalyst

its been 366 days since myself and 12 other men and women arrived at the stage at Catalyst, the next generation leaders conference in Atlanta.  Having started 14 days earlier on the eve of our 32nd wedding anniversary, it was all craziness.  Especially considering i had only trained 14 days prior to that before stepping off on almost a 900 mile journey for the Present Hope Tour.

The purpose of our effort was to engage others in the need through Convoy of Hope to rebuild the tornado devastated communities of Joplin, MO and Tuscaloosa, AL.  Since then I’ve logged more than 2,700 miles on a bicycle.  Much good has happened and I grateful to the leverage Catalyst, Convoy of Hope and the amazing leaders at Venture Expeditions have created in my own story.  Grateful too for a myriad of stakeholders who invested in the effort financially to make a difference.