snow, sk8ing and cat herders

the weather turned nasty overnight and i think by final count (and the pain in my hips from shoveling) we got about 13 inches. been a few years since we got that much in one day. For awhile it looked like the blizzard that hit here in ’77. that event was literally a tropical depression on land. the barometer actually went off the lower edge of the charting drum at the muni airport. they couldn’t record the barometeric pressure as it was so low. the schools were all closed so it did give me a day at home. i was really glad i did the brake job on black beauty or my urban assault vehicle (UAV) last night. they started squeaking yesterday morning so i knew i had to get to it. by the time i got home and handled a few phone calls just as the snow had started. but 2 cold hours later it was a fete accompli.
had some fun too this past weekend with a youth group trip to the local ice rink. i made a humble attempt at ice, but i just don’t have the balance for it.

i was relieved that they have walkers to assist you while on the ice..if you need-i need.  although i proved you can fall with those too. but ya gotta have fun…and that we did.

this  kind of community building events are so crucial to the health of a youth group.  a few weeks ago we went sled riding…and at both events we ‘ve seen a lot of new faces and some old ones we hadn’t see in a while.  as difficult as they are to pull off…driver’s-vehicles-money-travel…it seems alot like herding cats.

a fellow youth guy, tim schmoyer tagged a nice ending to this old EDS commerical that ties cat herding pretty close to what we do in student ministry.  ain’t nothing better…and not sure there’s anything worse.

(the folks sitting on the steps are tim’s volunteers).