a charlie brown nite -coldplay style

its been a crazy hard  week. thinking this coldplay song hits the spot.

just an interesting side note on this video…coldplay introduced a really cool interactive led bracelet called “glowbands” that they controlled from the FOH system. It allowed the audience to be a larger part of their amazing show. here’s a fun clip from the folks responsible for making these cool devices…

Clive Banks of RB Concepts commented “The big thing is audience participation and this means bands can relate more to the audience, it means there is a lot more audience participation, as opposed to it being static”. Coldplay were so impressed with the wristbands they bought part of the company. RB Concepts have high hopes for the technology in the future and may even be used at the Olympics. via ac labels

gonna ask santa for a gross or two of these for evo and camp…may a few more for big church.