a new community

early this week, on my day off, i spent a day with a group of 9 other youth pastors from around our conference. it was a really great time. short but incredibly useful in both a personal and professional way. i really look forward to these kind of interactions. i only knew one of the other youth guys, steve storkel from our mother ship, berean in mansfield. the first part of our time together was spent just talking. each of us shared some of our story and then had the person to your right pray for you. very humbling, but very encouraging. i was blessed to be able to talk with men just stepping off into doing vocational ministry and offer them encouragement. the second part of our time together focused on a great conversation about developing student leaders.

the environment was a huge blessing. there’s a family in the district that have a very incredible home and they’ve made it their ministry to bless other ministries with a place that is inviting, warm and relaxed. what a gift. i mentioned several times during our 24 hrs that our hosts were great arguments on why captialism is a good thing.

truthfully these moments, pulling out of the matrix of life and walking with mentors and mentees together is something we don’t do enough of. several of my new younger friends shared their gratitude for sharing of my journey. my rose encourages me to do this things. i’m grateful for her sacrifice. sidetrips like this are great to recharge the batteries.

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