a surprise for Donald Miller


Donald Miller listening to some thoughts from David deSilva, Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at ATS

My grad school – Ashland Seminary hosted an evening conversation with Donald Miller Friday, Nov 2nd. The event was hosted at the Vineyard Community Church in Westerville.  With 1,400 folks in attendance it was a great night.

Unknown to Donald was the presence of an old friend. “Iron” Mike Barrow. So Melinda and I and Iron Mike waited around at the end of the evening to get a chance to say hello. We intentionally waited til we were the last in line along with a good friend from ATS, David deSilva a professor who had some really interesting questions and thoughts about “narrative” and “story”.  David is an accomplished author in his own right, some 11 titles he joked as we waited that his thoughts were being offered to Donald whose published works though less in number has sold many more copies.

It was fun to reconnect with Iron Mike who along with myself and Donald share together the experience of a Venture Expeditions tour. Iron Mike and Donald did the inaugural ride for Blood Water Mission Tour 4 years ago from Santa Monica to Delaware. I met Iron Mike and his bride, Joanne at the end of the Present Hope Tour last October, they hosted our daughter Emmah and I and Deb Go and Ben Skoda for dinner as we ended the return to our homes.

Iron Mike and Joanne also encouraged the IJM Freedom Tour with a visit as we trained in Cincinnati. I’m really grateful too that Melinda got an opportunity to meet Mike and Donald (and will someday soon, Joanne) and together spend some time and sharing in this great evening.  Grateful once again for the community that Venture fosters…and truly  a Venture tour —Benefits the World -discover your soul.

I’m excited about the impact that this event had and will have for Ashland Seminary as it leverages its training of leaders for the Kingdom.

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