excited for the conversation that this documentary is provoking. ABSENT by the guy who did the story on american meth, justin hunt.  i’ve seen this in my own work.  for the past 10 years i’ve walked alongside some 100 young men through our local juvenile justice system..and the thread that runs through all of their stories is a father who is absent: physically and/or emotionally.  and like those young men the stories in this documentary are unsettling similar…absent dads.  justin draws on the life stories of a varied cast: a rock star- Metallica frontman James Hetfield, an author – John Eldredge  and several others.

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here’s the trailer:

ht joseph badger

2 thoughts on “absent.

  1. Adam McLane

    I just watched American Meth. Interesting topic, I hope this one is better crafted!

  2. admin Post author

    i thot american meth was good…i’m hoping having richard rohr and john eldredge as part of the conversation means even better things for an equally important topic. i’m hoping to get to a screening to confirm. stay tuned.