adventure, battle and beauty

Fathered by God Tour 2009 i’ve been meaning to post some thoughts on my exploits on helping men get back their hearts. i was just prompted again as i just learned that john eldredge has a new book coming out and is doing a tour to promote it.

i’m in the middle of leading my 12th study of the wild at heart book.  i’ve been blessed to help more than 100 men walk through this message.  this time i’m walking with 8 incredible men who are attending our ashland campus.  we’re just pushing through the idea that every man has a wound that until understood, keeps them from engaging in a life well lived.  we’ve spent the last three weeks taking time to allow each man to tell their story.  its amazing how we can pass each other in the community and never really know the weight of a person and what their pushing through until we stop and focus.  in the numerous times i’ve led this i always learn something new about my self and am humbled that out every study comes a new group of men who each have a deeper understanding of what they have to offer to our broken world. and  who understand more fully how to use their strength to truly live a life of adventure serving Christ…fight valiantly for others to help them see their place in the Story and to rescue the beauth ( their wives, daughters, and even the Church).  click on the image above to see where all john is going to be and try to check him out.  it will be worth your time.