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alan root on stage at new hope community church

tuesday is the “natal anniversary” (per mr. z @ wcrf) of alan root.  i’ve known alan for about 12 years now.  he’s become a good friend and i’ve enjoyed watching him grow in his place in the Kingdom.  he has such an amazing heart and is able to empower so many to step deeper into the Story and find their place.  he’s newest work, the maker and the master (you can click the link to hear it) came today.  in fact it was a creative invite to a cd release party right in my own office at the outpost.  and you know what?

invite to his cd release party

invite to his cd release party

i’ve already given away my copy…i mean that’s what you do with something that’s this good.  so a “tribe” of  young boys are dancing their hearts out as i type.  so cool. so i’d heartily encourage you to do three things today…head over and take a listen yourself and sign up for his newsletter.   you can also drop by his blog and leave a comment (maybe he’ll blog a little more often if he knows we’re interested) and tell him how grateful so many are for his ministry to the “tweeners” and how even as adults we find his music a blessing.  alan root is still a great secret.

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