all hallows eve

jon acuff had an interesting blog post today about halloween…Feeling bad that you didn’t blog about Halloween. he suggests there are 3 perspectives:

1. I hate Halloween.
2. We love Halloween!
3. Christian hybrid Halloween.

I’m not quite sure where i land but i always enjoy watching the “little beggars” come by for the treats.  this year melinda and emmah joined up with our neighbors to help make the 1 hour pass by.  here’s some video…

adam mclane had some interesting thots too… 3 Reasons to Embrace Halloween .  this much i know, halloween has taken an established place in our culture.  like it or not its here to stay.  i’m guessing  the Church needs to figure out  a better way to respond.  i know some have…and i’m already thinking about what our outpost should do next year.