another one done

so i stepped into it again. and according to my sojourners…like a fine bottle of wine, i’m getting better with age. its amazing that has taken this long to find this place in the journey. i choose the title “consortium” to sort of stir it up a little. beyond the crazy chugging contest (gone in 60 secs….we learned you could down a 32 oz coke in 19 seconds…amazing stuff). i’ve heard other good reviews so i guess…perhaps i’m finding my voice. it still is a very tiring process. but it is very good stuff.

announced the final take on our youthscape campaign and we’ve already begun stepping into the demo process. there’s lot to do…many work arounds to get things in order from the many modifications and remodels on the older part of our building. a lot of stranded issues. so i’m hoping that i can give some oversight to the loose ends, getting them resolved and step into the new image in just a couple of months. one very encouraging thing came in the 57 volunteers that signed up this weekend. that was a huge step in the right direction.

on another front, our pal alan root is making a trip to the outpost for a family concert. if you’re in the area 8/9 of Sept…you’ll have to stop by. i’m praying we pack the place. he’s coming has been a huge encouragement to our children’s ministry folks and i know it will be a great evening of fun. its been 8 years since i met him. we’ve continued a great friendship. its been a couple since i’ve seen him face to face. but it’s for sure to be a great evening. to prep for it i had lunch yesterday with our common friend mark zimmerman at wcrf radio in cleveland. we metup at our usual haunt at the buffalo wild wings at 18 & 71. many great conversations. mark got bit a few years ago by the “mission” bug. he’s made several trips aboard and that has impacted him in a huge way. he’s got a new project…1 night on the street i helped him set up a new domain and website last night and added him to the world of wordpress bloggers. check him out and leave comment that you like what he’s up to. it’s interesting to be able to add to the conversation about the need for social change through programs other than government. mark has an interesting take on it…and we’ll see what happens. finally i grabbed a couple cool shots of the moon. including getting up at 5 yesterday to grab the lunar eclipse.