back home

nymc1.jpg nymc2.jpg it wasn’t even 24 hrs. but i’m back home. crazy road trips. but it was good to connect. got a chance to meet some new friends of sorts at the breakout session this morning. sue mallory and chris hardy. sat through an excellent discussion of developing high performance ministry teams. i had read several of sue’s books in seminary and it was good to hear her heart and passion for taking it up a notch. the larger group session was very good too. we walked through the theme of “climb”. an edgy time of reflection was offered after hearing craig’s story. the reflection was based on our on woundings and healings.

i was blessed to reconnect with ben a fellow pdym networking guy. we had met at the gathering this past fall. we ended up having lunch together. we went back to the hall and helped do some load out stuff. there were these crazy stuffed chairs and they were just too much fun. good thing was that they sold like 40 of these guys. so we only had to move 60 of them.  and of course the loading dock was all the way on the other side of the building.  they remind of that old 50s cult classic….the blob.  i thought about bring one home, but it wouldn’t have fit in the car. the are incredibly soft. nymc4.jpgnymc3.jpg