back to back centuries

its been a incredible couple of days.  sorry for the silence here, but there just wasn’t enough time to get it all done….and  the need for sleep and recovery was shall we say…very necessary.

marshall, ar to newport ar

on tuesday we set out from marshall, ar on what would be our first century ride.  it actually was about 102 miles to the church in new port.

there was a sobering moment at 2:42 pm cst as we hit the 162 mile mark…we had traveled one mile for each life that was lost in joplin, mo.

riding along side pastor aaron has added so much more to this effort.  hearing stories of how he is continuing to process through what no seminary training can ever prepare a person for.  his resolve and leadership are a huge encouragement to each one of us on the team.

if you want to know more about the team, please jump over  here to the venture expedition blog. the age range of the 13 members is 22 to 65.  the sense of our common mission/purpose has leveraged  all of our energies.  there have been some hard moments, even for those that are experienced cyclists…but together we’re pushing through it.  i love the encouragement that we are able to offer each other.



day 4 - newport, ar to olive branch, ms

we also ended up doing another 100 mile ride on day 4…it was 95 miles when we got to life fellowship in olive branch, ms…and 4 of us…steve, jay, jeff and myself decided another 5 miles plus would be worth the effort just to log a back to back century ride.  the 2nd century was much easier…as the topography from newport, ar to olive branch, ms was much more enjoyable.  plus the goal of memphis bbq after the student ministry at life fellowship UP .  it was great to connect back home with the EVO students hanging at the outpost.

today, day 5 (thursday