Black Water


the view outside the home we visited in Kibera. The Church and School we visited is near the tower in the far distance.

kibbera home

kibbera slum home visit. LTR: The Project Director, Clarence 22 yrs old, Ashley, 4; her mother Roberta and Florence, age 10. We brought a bag of food items as a gift for the hospitality.


4:45 AM- Friday 6/14/12 – Nairobi, Kenya

Some 250,000 people living in about 20 square miles….that is the area called Kibera Slums in Nairobi, Kenya.   Heart breaking and yet some how strangely encouraging.  We had to walk, with armed security to a home about 3/4 of mile away.  Over many open trenches filled with black water and raw sewage.

Our conversation with the family was sobering…a sense of hope because of what they were experiencing. The home nestled in and among many others was about the 7 x 8 foot.

Humbled by the prayer Clarence offered for us.  Words of courage and wisdom.

Lots to to ponder.  Much good is being done here.  Headed out in just a bit for an early morning flight to another project about 300 miles away.  To see what Compassion calls a Child Survival Program…

reaches out to young, vulnerable children to save their lives and set them on the path toward healthy development. Your contribution will help us extend this lifesaving program to even more of our world’s little ones, giving them new hope for the future.