Blessings on the eve of Happy Empty Tomb Day

DSCN0460_1.jpgjust got back from the outpost and our first two Easter services. i’m posting this via my old pc based machine as my mac is being used during the weekend services for a drama. a friend james, is telling his story via a stage presence with his supposedly surfing the net but in actuality he’s looking into the isight camera and its broadcasting via theevolution ustream channel. fun stuff. there’s a slight delay, but the reality of his words have been used and will be used in the remaining three services well. literally dozens of folks made first time commitments tonite. very cool and exciting.

to be honest it always seem a little odd to celebrate these great days on saturdays. but it sure doesn’t lessen the impact.

we went to the 4pm service and then split up with rose and em hanging out in hopeland and i was helping in xtreme kidz. glad we could step up, but wow…much work.

the title of this post was inspired by our pal alan root he’s always so cool on the creative idea things. i had to email him to get the lyrics for a couple of his tunes that our xtreme kidz want to sing. good stuff.

praying your empty tomb day is blessed.