building community podcast – part 1

i’ve spent a couple of decades literally helping develop and fund various ministries and non-profit organizations.  with all the noise that exists in all of our lives it seems those of us in leadership need to become more strategic in how we connect our stake holders with our larger mission.  too many non-profits(Kingdom and secular) think folks should just buy into their vision.  I believe today’s donors are more cautious and are also more concerned about the social impact of their hard earned dollars and how to get the best return on their investment.

Recently i’ve been engaged in a conversation with several good friends and we’ve decided to invite others into it.  We’ve recorded a 6-part podcast to push out our thoughts and to engage you in the dialogue.

steve caton

ben stroup

the conversation started when i introduced two good men to each other – Steve Caton and Ben Stroup.  I’ve known Steve for about two years now.  We’ve had many conversations about building and sustaining community.  Steve is the Vice President for Sales for Church Community Builder (CCB).  Our outpost uses CCB to manage our ministry.  Ben Stroup is a newer friend. He is  the Chief Broker of Opportunity at GENERIS.  He blogs here.  I stumbled on his blog and quickly learned that he had some keen insight that those doing church management needed to together, on a conference call last October Steve, Ben and I talked about how to leverage our passions and talents.  We began sharing some thoughts and ideas and then Ben pulled together this podcast.  We invited Lauren Hunter to serve as podcast host.  Lauren blogs about church technology here. So…welcome to episode one.  we’ll be interested to see what you think.