bullying and getting help

my pal terrance posted this video today on his blog.
i’ve been thinking alot about this issue along with others that today’s teens are facing.  seems that every school i’m in is talking about bullying and the messiness of our teens world too.  i’ve been in a lot of different places this past month where i’ve seen the vestiages of the coarsening of our culture.  to that end,  i’m excited for the good work that our pal tim schmoyer is leading out with cool way to help answer these and other questions. tim has started a new channel on you tube called youth questions.  tim’s enlisting the help of other youth workers to answer teens questions.  last week i was able to help out on a question about feeling depressed.  you can watch the response by clicking the image.  tim will be posting an answer to a question on bullying thursday.   if you’d like to ask a question…you can visit this link.