Business Success and Doing Good – Bono

my ijm freedom tour compatriot, Unami, posted a link to this amazing speech given by Bono at Georgetown University this week.  It is worth your investment of about an hour to ponder his thoughts on the “what” and “how” of social enterprise. His wit and wisdom are incredibly linked together.  i’ve pulled a few of his thoughts, but the whole lecture is well worth the time.

I”m a evidence-based activist
your heart is not the most important thing…it helps but if your heart hasn’t found a rhyme with your head its of no use.
it’s not charity that fires…its justice which is a higher tougher standard
if you want to change the world it’s not going to take a minute or an hour or a day, but your whole life

aide is just a stopgap – commerce is the future : it’s not aide…its trade.

keeping faith with an idea…America is an idea: we are all created equal. 

life is not endured but enjoyed.

you see something you can’t unsee  this last one, is a phrase that came up in a similar way on the IJM ride…You can’t unknow what you know which forces one to ponder what impact you’re going to make.

Bono closes with this quote….“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.”- Google executive Wael Ghonim who began a Facebook page that galvanized protest in Egypt’s democratic revolution.


click on this image to go to the Georgetown webcast site. Bono’s talk begins around the 14 minute mark.