can you help

i love catalyst… have yet to attend…but i’m so grateful to the backstage show they’re giving for us back at home.  @loswhit and @flowerdust are doing an amzing job.  but one story with shaun king just rocked me.  hearing shaun’s heart and how he’s leveraging his place in the kingdom to turn attention to the plight of the Atlanta area after the terrible floods there recently. he’s set up a great website…folks are responding…but workers are still needed.   the church has to figure out how to do a better job responding.  we’ve got to start asking hard questions about the buildings and the debt we create to do “kingdom work.”  our hands are tied so many times when need should be responding and leading.  watch this video.  if you know folks in the Atlanta area…make a call..sent a tweet…but let’s engage.

One thought on “can you help

  1. charles hill

    Wow…I pray God’s blessing and provision!

    I also pray that people would be obedient to the call to give generally as commanded [if they did, the church would have more than enough to house the church gatherings, feed the poor, save sex slaves, we could wipe out many things in the world, but we hold $$ so close and are not obedient in this area] There’s 1 solution to your issue.

    Thanks for the post and the video!