Capturing Life – lessons from GoPro

gopro joplin

at ground zero in joplin, mo as part of the present hope tour with my gopro2 on my helmet


IJM Freedom Tour


Present Hope Tour

if you look back through my videos you’ll find almost all of the footage is done on a gopro. (i’ve got over 2 terabytes of video archived) this story of how the company got started reflects what one person with an idea fueled by passion can accomplish. I use my gopro to capture life…in my bride’s garden-at youth group-on my bike-at youth conferences…i love that it allows me to visually tell stories that otherwise words would somehow seem incomplete. this article by Ryan Mac in Forbes, Five Startup Lessons From GoPro Founder And Billionaire Nick Woodman   Woodman’s story is a crazy one.  several points from his pursuit to perfect the gopro camera stand out.

1) Follow your passions.

2) Fear failure.

Ryan Mac’s interview is worth the watch.