catch a grenade on holy saturday

every week for the past couple of months i’ve picked up a group of young men who are all freshman in high school to take to evo student ministry. and as it turns out, they’ve ended up in my small group each week…i’ve really grown to love who they are.  they have amazing talents and have open hearts and minds.  for the most part they’re still on a journey to figure out who Jesus is.  one of the hallmarks of our weekly roadtrip, since its about about 20 minute commute to the outpost, is their plugging in their ipods and listening through a dozen or so songs from artists like lil’ wayne and justin beiber.  one song that totally captures them is the song grenade  by bruno mars. its a lot of fun to hear them all singing their best voices to this contemporary songs. i’m thinking this rendition by the guys at Kennsington…puts its meaning in a whole new light.  amazing.