Chardon – 2 years later

chardonribbonits been two years…since a lone student gunman walked through the cafeteria of Chardon High School and took 3 lives and wounded 3 others.  There have been numerous school shootings since.  I was reminded just yesterday in a conversation with several pastors from Chardon of the wound that is still trying to heal.  Two years ago I posted some thoughts here…as an attempt to help process what communities have to do to change the culture we are living.  I remember vividly attending the candlelight vigil held there in Chardon the following week.  It causes one pause.

I shared that experience the next day with the students and leaders at EVO.  It was a powerful night.  Yet somehow in the midst of our busy lives…the noise of life…it gets lost.

I was also reminded of a radio interview with Mark Zimmerman from WCRF-Moody Cleveland about what we experienced as we attended the prayer vigil.  Thoughts about what we saw and then what we should and can do each day forward.
Part 1

Part 2

Finally…60 minutes this past week aired a powerful video telling  the story of Coach Frank Hall…who chased the gunman out of the school.  There’s a lot here…ultimately it comes down to the choices we make…and how on the journey we focus on being present.