Chivalry- a quest

Zach is busy signing copies of Be the Change to encourage students like our Emmah.  July - '07

A younger Zach is busy signing copies of Be the Change to encourage students like our Emmah. at Saddleback in July ’07

It was the summer of 2007 and I set out on an adventure with a few students, including our youngest, Emmah to the Student Leadership Conference at Saddleback Church. The conference was all about leveraging the impact of teens in the world.  One of the speakers was a 15-year-old young man – Zach Hunter.  He had authored a book based on his journey called Be the Change.  His story captured the hearts and minds of adults and students alike.  Zach is a modern-day abolitionist who is proving that one person can make a difference.   As a teen, Zach formed the organization, Loose Change to Loosen Chains which in partnership with organizations IJM  and Compassion is empowering students to make an impact in the fight against modern-day slavery.

chivalryZach has grown up a bit.  Gone and gotten himself married to an amazing young woman named Emily in recent days.  And today his newest effort hits the market… Chivalry: The Quest for a Personal Code of Honor in an Unjust World 

I think this book will be a game changer on so many fronts.  Zach literally led the charge beginning more than a decade ago for awareness of the plight of some 27 million trapped in modern-day slavery.  I don’t think its unrelated that his journey has taken him into a larger conversation that is the subject of this new work.  He has broaden what has been thought to be an old concept to include both genders calling for a life of honor…a life filled with civility towards each other.  Although targeted towards 20 somethings I think there is much for all of us from this young man’s wisdom. The idea of developing a personal code that will empower all of us to defend others and live with civility and integrity is a concept that is desperately is a culture that is rapidly spinning out of control.

Chivalry is about how we should be—the transformation that takes place internally as we open up every area of our lives to be conformed to something that is not of this world: the image of an amazing, terrifying, all-consuming, and all-loving God who gives without limit and sacrifices without end. This is where we will lose ourselves and find a code that is higher and longer lasting than any pledge we may make.  ~Zach Hunter, Chivalry – Pg. 12

I think Zach’s reframing the idea of chivalry in a modern context is incredibly helpful. His observations about seeing everyday life as an epic adventure in the context of the ancient wisdom from the Bible is encouraging.  The telling of insightful stories, and practical examples from his young  journey and those he has journeyed with is a great tool to help the reader develop their own code of honor.  A code that will help everyone live a life of meaningful impact.

So today, if you feel inclined, I’d encourage you greatly to hop over to Amazon and buy a copy.  You can even get the Kindle version and start reading it right away.  You can follow Zach and his efforts here.