choices & goals


got to be honest…there’s been a lot of strange emotions setting into my journey the past couple of days.

  • the adventure begins the 32nd anniversary of the most amazing journey i’ve taken yet: marraige to my Rose- Melinda.
  • the realization that i’m going to be away from my home and family longer than anytime ever before
  • humbled by the generosity of people who i don’t even know
  • doubly blessed by those i know who have invested in this adventure
  • wondering whether i’d reach the threshold goal of $5,000 for this trip.  (which was just confirmed about 5pm Fri/9/16 – God is good!)
  • realizing the weight of one’s life.  yesterday at a hillsdale middle school i listened along with 300 middle-schoolers and teachers to Rachel’s Challenge (named in the memory of rachel scott, the first student to loose her life at columbine).  It was an amazing 45 minute multimedia presentation on all that turned from that horrific day at columbine high school.  to watch the archived video news reports in the presentation in front of an audience of students who weren’t yet born…there was an odd sense of emotion that well over me.

the picture above is from last nite’s training ride.  didn’t see it til i played the video back.  was struck by the reality of coming to a point and having to decide: to turn right or left.  how so many times if life we are lead to opportunities.  either turn leads in a different direction.  like this intersection either turn will utitmately return me to the safety of our home, both with some effort,  but you have to choose.  So with the an unsettled Samwise-leaving-the-comfort-of-the-Shire sort of sense, i’ve chosen this current adventure with the goal of leveraging my small part in a larger story.  several unknowns remain yet before the Present: Hope Tour begins in less than 7 days.   Providence has shown up in so many ways.  Glad you’re along for the ride…stay tuned.

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  1. admin Post author

    your encouragement has been and continues to be a HUGE blessing. so grateful for your Kingdom heart and head!