crazy day

the best part of the day was the end. grabbed rose and made a dash to mfd to pick up a new light for the downstairs pantry and a stop by panera for some fresh bagels and then off to cold stone for some creamy cold delight. the day was filled with a lot of little things. em and i even chased after the cold front that went through. as one point there were three active tornado cells floating around this next of the woods. craziness. had several good conversations today with old friends. i almost forgot about the really strange thing that happened yesterday. and truthfully i’ve not got a clue what it means. i stopped by a local coffee bar near where i worked some five years ago. while waiting for the across the room behind me on a bookcase. i recognized the title. so i walked over and picked it up. it was still in the wrapper. the strange thing happened when i turned it over and saw that it was address to me! what’s up with that? once i cleared my head…i asked my friend where it came from…he wasn’t sure…it just showed up. well…it was just too strange.