culture lunch with walt mueller

its been a few weeks…actually about 4 since i’ve been here. i’m still processing much that prompted me to jump off and go a bit silent in the interwebs.  but i wanted to get back to it.   i had the pleasure to spend some time today with Dr. Walt Mueller at Malone University. The admissions folks at Malone hosted an enjoyable lunch conversation for the 330 networking group. Walt has been doing some amazing things over the past couple of decades through the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Recently they launched an excellent tool for parents and youth workers.  according to Walt the site’s purpose is to…

offer information and tools that will help you lead the kids you know and love into living safely, wisely and to the glory of God on the emerging digital frontier.

the site is loaded with all sorts of helpful information to better understand the digital age and its impact on youth and families.

the 330 network prayed for Walt Mueller and his good work thru CPYU.

our lunch conversation was great and although some of what we talked about concerning the culture was troubling…mostly because technology and its impact seems to be snowballing and its not clear where its going to end.  that being said, our discussion with Walt centered on what has become almost the central theme of my thinking lately.  Our (parents & youthworkers) presence matters more than our being culturally relevant.  Although being aware of the culture is important (and the Digital Kids Initiative will help with that so visit it-bookmark it and share it!)…our willingness to be present, literally in the lives of our families and our students matters more.