Day 2- building community is the foundation of our ride

probably the most fundamental aspect of the a venture expeditions is the deep sense of community that comes from being part of the team.  even though the majority of us know each other prior to arriving for a tour by the end of the 2nd day many deep things have happend.  Day 2, Friday was all about the obvious…bike safety 101 – bike maintenance 101 – learning to change a flat tire.  It was a fun sight to see all the bikes in the room and the rear tires off and our team intentionally letting out the air, removing the tire and then reinstalling it.  a healthy dose of “i can do this” was applied to everyone’s effort for the seminars.  Prior to the bike clinic we spent a few hours talking with Karen Barnes from IJM.  She walked us through their core mission and gave us a solid foundation on just exactly the scope of what the issue of human trafficking is all about.  here’s some stats:

  • 27 million children, women and men are held in slavery world-wide
  • Today, nearly 2 million children are exploited in the global sex industry
  • 1 in 5 women will be victim of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime.
  • 4 billion people are not adequately protected by their own public justice systems.

This quote of from Gary Haugen at IJM sort of nails it: If you’re not safe, nothing else matters.

we wrapped up our day with a fun time at LoRosa’s for pizza.