day two…

watch live now.…today has been another great conversation. very good conversations. the time in the “ipodcast” room has been worth the time by itself. its amazing (which it really shouldn’t be) to realize the way the days have gone. i had my short take on the web this morning talking a little about what we’re doing with dj prompting me through it. today has been a little more free flowing and laid back. although they did change up the schedule. i grabbed this picture before los got out of here.

right now matt mcgill is talking about multi site…here’s his take about what a satellite needs to have happen to make it viable.

great weekend experience…great small group care…pastoral care…and membership class

what it is that gets cloned out from the “mothership”?

centeralized/decentralized…got to have it decentralized.

One thought on “day two…

  1. djchuang

    Tom, so glad you caught that photo! I oughta be better about group shots of special ocassions meeting up with fellow geeks, but maybe my past experiences of too many group photos has made me camera shy :) hope to see you again in the future! for now, the blogosphere and twitter feeds will have to do