do it now…45,000 reasons change is coming

i’m truly grateful to the folks at Passion and this is such a cool and inspiring video of what a group of 45,00+  youth adult (18-25 year olds) can do when given the opportunity.  i was watching some video on monday from the event in Atlanta when Louie Giglio announced their goal of $1million.  i thought…wow that’s ambitious…then 24 hours later he announced they had raised $550,000.  Last night i heard they were over the goal of $1 million and then today to hear that final amount is more than $3 million raised to help end sex trafficking and the slavery of some 27 million indivuals around world…even here in the USA.   so cool that CNN helped leverage the story all the more. in time when there is so much darkness…it is a blessing to see this.