Do the best with what you’ve got. Be human. Connect.

chris brogan is one smart dude….and his story here is worth some consideration.  all in the context of not being able to change our circumstances.   i’ve been in several conversations lately and it seems they all come down to learning to deal with what we have to work with.  it seems there’s never enough money, enough time to plan…to…? you name it.  but there is something here in the reality of living between what we know is the end of the Story and what we have to push thourgh every day.  in midst of it all…let’s learn like the pilot at US Air to jump the curb and re-route ourselves.  the journey and process is worth the effort.

USAir wasn’t responsible for bad weather. The flight attendant wasn’t responsible for the rules. The pilot wasn’t responsible for a 45-plane lineup.

But our flight attendant gave us a cookie. She disarmed a few frustrated passengers (me included). She didn’t go on and on about the situation, but instead did what she could with what she had. The pilot did the same, and further more, he got creative and went around a few roadblocks.

In all, it felt to me like a really great customer service turnaround, and judging by the looks of other folks on the plane who’d endured an equally bad travel day, we all felt similarly satisfied by what went down.

Do the best with what you’ve got. Be human. Connect.

2 thoughts on “Do the best with what you’ve got. Be human. Connect.

  1. theflyingpinto

    I couldn’t agree more: ) It’s all how you handle what comes your way in life…and that’s how I like to handle travel as it is always full of surprises!