e-n-t-r-e-p-r-e-n-e-u-r-s for the Kingdom?

i’m putting the finishing touches on our summer mission trip next week-dare2serve.  for some it will be a journey of great distance…even though its taking place about 27 miles from our outpost.  its really the first that we’ve done something like this in more than a couple of years…(at least at this size…we did help with 1 night on the street in ’07)  i’m getting excited because the numbers are growing each day…right now were at 26 students and adults.  i’m hoping and praying that during our five days together we will better understand this word…entrepreneurs…and gratefully see that together we can change the world no matter your size.

its my prayer that our ideas, dreams, and the vision of daring to serve others may just be what makes the difference in the lives of not only those we serve, but more importantly, in our own lives.  i’m pumped because i know that each person…each adult and each  student has  something in their hands… we truly have something to  offer, and the real question we will be walking through is what will we do with what we have…in action and deed to leave our mark for our King. 

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