encouragement and headwinds

yesterday was an amazing day of tensions.  in the morning I presented a case for support to the board of the Rotary Club of Ashland for their serving as a co-sponsor of my ride in the Present: Hope Tour.  I was incredibly encouraged and humbled by the willingness to pledge $1,00o towards the effort which is a huge boost towards the total of $5,000 that needs to be raised by 9.15 (God’s problem).  Additionally after the presentation to the club numerous members mentioned to me that they would like to invest in the opportunity as well.  Made for a great afternoon…encouragement.

Later in the evening when I headed out on 10 mile training ride I immediately hit a headwind….and it stay with me for the entire ride.  this is the 3rd time in as many days as when I’ve encountered a noticeable headwind.  As I pondered and engaged it mentally & physically it became the reality of what I’m being a part of and the task that remains ahead…for me (raise the additional monies and train and get to Springfield  on 9/23) for those in Joplin and Tuscaloosa, just three months since those horrific days begin the rebuilding. Much that comes against it all like a headwind, but diligence and the cadence (like that of making the pedals go round) of relationships gain much ground.  Would you invest in this ride?  Go here, please.

btw, last nite’s ride was the farthest yet on the new ride, went the fastest and had the best pace yet…even with a headwind.  Encouragement.