Fatherhood Crisis-winning one dad at a time

this weekend i preached on the question: is there a man in the house? in big church. it was week two of our series on the home. the core focus was on helping men to understand their role as husbands and fathers.  and although i didn’t make mention of this image (was saving for week 4) yet a post, entitled In Miami, the Son Also Rises (read whole article here) today by National Review Online editor-at-large Kathryn Jean Lopez  offers a reminder that the cultural battle is not yet completely lost. Here’s a clip of Kathryn’s closing thots:

Fatherhood still may be in a state of crisis, but we’re fighting for it, one devoted dad at a time. Drew Brees, fatherhood’s latest poster boy, has struck an inspiring blow for the cause. Like all of us, he’s only human, but there’s great virtue in cheering him on and celebrating the beautiful Super Bowl moment that he shared with his wife and son — and all of us. No paid ad time. No controversy. Only love.

some good folks have set upThe We Love Baby Brees Respect Life Fan Clubon Facebook in honor of Drews good work.

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