Freedom-don’t return to slavery

this video from journey box media set to the words and music of the gungor band is a stark reminder of the freedom that many have, but fail to live into.  the words of “beautiful things” is a powerful reminder of the truth that we’ve been set free to live.  as i’ve ponder today, with just less than two weeks til the Freedom Tour team meets up in at the Freedom Center in  Cincinnati to ride our bikes 500 miles to end up at the lincoln memorial 10 days later.  our desire to bring the hope of freedom to some 27 million people.  on the one hand, what can 23 individuals ages 16 -58 do to really impact such a horrible  global plight?  but on the other hand i’m humbled and i’m grateful for the support of so many…yet we’re still in need of about $2,500 to complete our task.  as we move towards the 4th of July and our celebrating our freedom would you consider supporting our work?  click here to be a part of creating freedom for those enslaved.