Ghosts upon the Earth

Gungor @ simpy youth ministry conference 2011 - Chicago

grateful to a new student ministry ally – rj grunewald – for reminding me of this. now that life is settling back into some normalcy (whatever that is…) i’m reminded of the incredible beauty of this newest work, Ghosts upon the Earth from Gungor.

i had only just heard of them when they performed at symc 2011….here’s my take on them then…and with the whirlwind of prepping for the Present:Hope Tour i had missed much of the buzz on the new album since it release 3 days before i left for Joplin.

Love that in this video on this newest work…that michael gungor says….this work is intentional.  love where they start in the Story and where they end up. there is much beauty and talent in what they are doing.  if you’ve not downloaded it yet…i’d heartily suggest it.