going on a bike ride

just stumbled on Nora Jane Struthers…and this first song i found of her’s, captures the beauty of bluegrass…and the story of a simpler time. its been just about 2 years to the day that the idea of a crazy 1,000 mile journey on the seat of bicycle for the benefit of Convoy of Hope and their tornado recovery efforts in Joplin and Tuscaloosa. In a recent interview Struthers said this about the lyrics to this song…

“I think the wistfulness you’ve identified is, perhaps, the melancholy that sets in when you discover that you’ve lost yourself for a period of time, that you’ve lived feeling trapped or stagnant and didn’t even realize it,”

young-life-ride-logo4I’m not exactly sure its those words for me about “going on a bike ride”.    Cycling has awakened me a larger world that my physical ability can impact. Last year it was with the IJM Freedom Tour…and tomorrow some friends, new and old will be doing a 100k to leverage awareness for the local Young Life.  I loved to ride a bicycle when I was younger.  The nostalgia of my youth now a “few” decades later taking something I had forgotten and finding how, according to my pals at Venture

“benefit the world and discover your soul”.