good friday prayer…

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Jesus, as the day of your death draws to a close i pray to find silence in the noise. and in that silence i pray to find your words for my journey this day and ever day to come.

as i commemorated tonite with rose and others your sufferings…i pray that we are all transformed new each day as we embrace

  • The Painful Thorns
  • The Spike of Sin
  • Bitterness
  • Distracting Dice
  • Remember Me
  • The New Covenant

and finally…

  • Light of the WorldDSCN0441_1.jpg

and it is that Light, because of your work this day more than 2000 years ago i am able to reflect, although imperfectly.

Jesus, thank you for your restoring me so that i might live to enjoy life as you intended.

i pray that though i stumble daily i might reflect to others the grace and mercy of all that you desire for them.

Jesus, thank you for your death to vanquish death forever.

Jesus, thank you for your Resurrection that comes to offer us life and encourage us to live so that the we may impact a broken and dying world…to offer the news of the Rescuer that comes and to tell them of your great Love.

Amen and Amen!

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