great books

pdym booksokay so probably the biggest surprise of my time hanging with the folks at the pydm gathering came early on when doug announced that we might have to get another bag to take our stuff home. it didn’t make sense when he first mentioned it, but when we arrived on wednesday morning…it began to become clear. here’s the haul i brought home. amazing. i guess when doug speaks the publishers listen. what an incredible blessing. and beyond the books came a couple of software titles from simply youth  amazing generosity. i guess i’d used those words to gauge our whole time together. from our hosts to my new found friends and co-laborers in Kingdom. it was amazing too to hear the stories of brokenness from serving. i truly felt like i was part of a new community of Christ followers. all interested in locking arms and impacting the world. very cool stuff indeed.

ht to josh for the pix…i wanted to get ‘er done, but he already did it. saved me a few steps.