great hearts

i’m up and i’m tired. but i’m encouraged. just finished a whirlwind trip to the west coast to participate in the gathering. which is a annual meet up of sorts with folks who are mentors in the pdym community. great and good hearted men and women who are doing life together in a way to impact student ministries across the country and literally the world. the conversation was blessed and deep. the fellowship real and genuine. to find my place amongst this folks is humbling. my roommate for the journey was mike lovato. he interned at saddleback for two years inbetween stints at magnolia where he is currently on staff at in riverside, ca.
the gathering for me was and is much like the journey i took a few years ago to hang with the ransomed heart team. it seems as though each of the participants are individuals who we’ve known forever. i think that comes from the common passion to use our voice in the larger Story. there is just a sense of deep respect and admiration for each of our parts in the journey.

it is especially humbling for me to be invited into a conversation of a larger purpose that can have and does have a huge impact on how the Church ministers to the next generation of leaders.

there is much care and concern for each member. there were several God moments for me as i saw the demonstration of real community. this image praying up joshis of our group praying over josh griffin as he headed out to be part of a pdym teaching in australia and new zealand. if was just great stuff to pause and pray him up as he journeyed out. he’ll be gone for a couple of weeks visiting several conversations to encourage others, some 11,000 miles away to live from their great hearts and make a difference in the life of students for the Kingdom.