Haiti- Compassion via @StudentLife

trying to just imagine the impact. i spoke briefly this morning to a mentor and friend, steve storkel (pastor to students at our mothership –berean baptist in mansfield).  steve is incredibly passionate about the people in haiti and has led numerous trips there with students and adults.  his own daughter, brittany is there now.  she is safe and is on the north side of the island opposite the epicenter.  not sure what any of us can offer this far away…but this video appeared earlier today via the good folks at student life.  passsing it along to my friends.

As we continue to pray and wait from word from friends, missionaries and ministry partners, we want to encourage you to use your voice and influence. Please consider put ting links to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund on any social media, blogs, websites you might have or use.

click here to support compassion with a relief contribution for haiti

Compassions Disaster Relief Fund helps families recover after a disaster’s like this earthquake. The relief fund helps with:
Food and clean water
Temporary shelter
Basic sanitation and personal hygeine items
Medical attention and preventive health care
Family reunification and/or counseling
While this is just one place to contribute it is a good one to help the churches in that community rise up and meet the needs of the people in the name of Jesus. We also know there are numerous Christian orphanages that are going to need our help.

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