here…and visiting an old friend

once again i’m on a airplane at about 38,000 ft. right now we’ve just passed over the southern end of the grand canyon. not sure i’ve ever really seen that before with such clarity. i overheard the folks behind me talking about “the worlds’ largest hole” as noted by clark griswald in the vacation movie series.

i wasn’t sure if i was going to make it this morning. yesterday was a crazy day. spent a few hours in the morning on paperwork then off to the fair to volunteer in the funnel cake trailer. then to mansfield to get a new set of tires, pickup a new dishwasher and then grab em after cc. once i got home i had dinner with rose and emmah and then started into exchanging out our old dishwasher for the new. of course it could be simple. (never is!) i had to cut the opening about ½”. and of course none of my tools were at home…i’ve taken them all to the outpost for the youthscape project. (which its worth another note that my sawzall finally gave up its last. the guys were using it to remove the flooring and it just quit sawzing. the problem is the transmission so i’ll have to see what i can find. its like everything else… the newer things don’t last as long. the sawzall has been a great tool…its about 27 years old. we had to replace our maytag washer and dryer last year and they were 26 years. the dishwasher…is only 8 years old. very disappointing. so it was more effort than i wanted on the eve of another early morning jaunt to skybus in columbus. finally rolled in to bed @ 10:45…and the alarm went off at 4:10. then the reality that it may not be enough time. i got to the terminal at 5:50…checked in the baggage…and. got through the security checkpoint and heard “final boarding call”…so much like the july trip…i’m the last one on.

fun thing as i sat down in the front row, the stewardess…julie was that july flight…said…you’ve flown with us before haven’t you. her husband is a church planter in the columbus area and we had a great conversation on the last flight. yep…once again…the world is a small place.

i’ll post some other artsy pics later, but i wanted to get this up. i had hoped to connect with a couple of folks early in the day and it turned out they weren’t available so i decided to go against the morning commute and head up to the reagan library. i had wanted to do it when i was here in july but didn’t get it done. an amazing place. i can see why the president loved this part of the country. the vista around the library is breathtaking. and it fits his character well. having only met him twice, and neither time long enough to say more than hello, it was a sacred trip to honor his dedication to the republic. it was a experience in itself just driving up the drive and then walking to the memorial area. amazing stuff.