here’s what’s happening before you get to #symc #tbt #funvideo

thot i’d i’d post this throwback to a roadtrip to simply youth conference (chicago) 2011. lots of work on the ground i’m sure even now in columbus. looking forward to connecting with many allies whom i only get to spend time with at this event…praying for traveling mercies and a few days of encouragement for the 3,000+ individuals who lead student ministries from around the world. i missed last year’s but grateful for the opportunity this year.  hoping to blog a bit too.  heading out in a little later with co-adventurer matt flinner.

excited too that IJM President Gary Haugen is leveraging our gathering to raise awareness for modern day slavery and #locusteffect.

if you can’t make it…you can watch live via livestream here.  my pals @andydisher and @KurtJohnston will be your hosts.