honor your wild – zip line baby!

First Story: about 5 years ago i met an interesting young man named Xan Hood. we became friends.  Xan and his partner Cory Smith have been doing some great Kingdom stuff.  Training Ground has impacted the lives of literally dozens of young men who are finding their place in the larger story.  Now they’ve stepped off with an another impacting ministry called buffalo and company.

Second story…I have an amazing job.  part of the job is walking with students to encourage them.  two of these students Ian and Cotie and I spent part of our afternoon doing some volunteer work at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center…just a way to wrap up the school year.

After a good time of working, for the sake of working…doing good, we all got a chance to try out the new 500 ft zip line that PHOC just installed.  Thought it was a perfect way to begin what will be a few ways that i get to help students find their place in the Story.  So enjoy the video.

For both Ian and Cotie it was their first expereince (and mine too) on the zip line.

i didn’t see the zip line on Xan’s list of their new challenge called Honor Your Wild…but the three of us stepped off in a whole new way…literally…i think its exactly four steps off the launch platform…fun stuff.  so check out Honor Your Wild and see what adventure you can step off on.

3 thoughts on “honor your wild – zip line baby!

  1. Xan

    Awesome guys! No doubt living the true story, and finding some adventure. Proud of you all!


  2. sam Post author

    thanks kevin. praying life goes well. my silly flip didn’t start recording until i was already down. adventure it was. grateful for the encouragement. how are you honoring your wild? blessings!