IJM Freedom Tour-wrapup on WCRF


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Mark Zimmerman

Its been more than 2 months since the team of 25 cyclists returned to their respective homes from the 509 mile journey from Cincinnati to Washington DC organized by Venture Expeditions to support awareness for International Justice Mission and their campaign to bring awareness of human trafficking  and modern day slavery.  (Note: you can watch videos from the 6 day journey on YouTube here).

Much has happen in each of our lives and yet there remains much to do.  Met up with my good friend Mark Zimmerman from Moody Radio Cleveland and chatted about what I learned and had a chance to share about two of my teammates – Una and Lydia.

Leaning IN…Courage, Cooperation, Perseverance…and Spandex.




Una was born in Botswana, Africa and is completing her residency as a critical care pediatrician.

Una has two different blogs that are chronicling her life journey.  Remembering the Mountains is about her part in the IJM Freedom Tour and what’s she’s learning from having tackling those mountains in WV. Becoming My Mother’s Daughter is a very honest look at her story in the Kingdom as she walks through the legacy of her mother.



Lydia is a recent graduate of Biola University and is planning on attending law school in Chicago next year.  Her plan is to eventually join IJM and leverage its mission to seek justice for those who are enslaved.

At the conclusion of the ride in mid July she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has had surgery and is beginning chemotherapy.  She’s chronicling her jounery on her blog lydiajoyness