#ijmfreedomtour ride day 7 – our final morning


an end of the tour group photo outside IJM’s offices. Notice the team sporting their swag from Otterbox. The good folks at Otterbox are a major sponsor of Rich & Becky Dixon’s efforts.

its been three weeks (7/23) since the IJM Freedom Tour Team was together in the Washington, DC.

We spent our last morning, getting up a little later, packing up bikes that needed mailed home, packing our gear in the ever-ready tote and  readying the vans and trailers for the trip back to Venture Expeditions Global HQ. And then it was off to our final destination before the long journey home, IJM’s HQ.   It was a blessing to meet the staff and to tour and better understand all that they are currently doing.

It was another opportunity to say thank you again to the rock star summer interns who sit in “intern row” for their presence when we arrived a couple of days before at the Lincoln Memorial at the end of the 6 day, 500 mile journey.   Peter, Leslie and the other interns graciously provided the best replenishment of a ride…cold chocolate milk

An added blessing of our tour was being part of IJM daily time of prayer.  Its impressive to know that the staff of IJM, stops their activities, to gather daily for a time of sharing joys and concerns and then spend some time reading Scripture and praying as a team.   As part of this gathering we were humbled to be introduced and prayed for.  Its humbling to see that an institution like IJM truly living out the principle that prayer is the lifeblood of all ministry.