last week was kinda of crazy. i took the late nite flight back from the purpose driven stealth summit. got into columbus around 1:00 am friday morning. got some sleep but was up early to do an interview about our exploits @ the summit with mark zimmerman at wcrf in cleveland. then i met up with our team from both campuses to hang for a solid day of learning at a kidzblitz seminar called LGO . it was all time well spent. the core presenter jim wideman. jim offered many insights on how to be a leader. spent a ton of time on time management practices. was a huge encouragement to our kidz team. one key point for me was that you need to start acting like your big to get big. although i’m not about “bigness” i am about developing systems and processes that will stand our growth. that made huge sense. as we continue to push out our mission through our new campuses these first principals are huge. I grabbed a couple of pics. in the above photo jim answers our questions and in the bottom photo jim joined with our team for a group picture.
. earlier this year the thot was to send a couple of key folks to willow or orange for a kidz ministry thing. i think we’ll get a better investment out of this day long program. it was just long enough to allow the team to have some fun getting there, hanging out and learning at the same time. not sure where i heard this, but its the problem of pushing down what a person learns at a conference. those that attend get to inhale the “oxygen” of the environment where they’re at. the trouble that happens on the return to home is the sharing of the “oxygen” of the experience. by sending our core folks, including the directors i think it will be an easier transfer to others. of course it was also very cool that they brought in lunch from chic-fil-a.