its been a year – remembering Alabama

Oct 1, 2011 - a couple of the Present:Hope tour team watch the sun set after having toured the devastation of tornadoes in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, AL area.


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I am mindful these past couple of days that it was just a year ago that almost 300 tornadoes ripped through Alabama and left almost that many people dead. according to the weather channel, it was one of the largest outbreaks of tornadoes in history.. the destruction path was over 18 states.

It was only seven months ago that i rode with 12 others as part of Venture Expeditions the Present Hope Tour  through that area to help bring awareness of the good  work that Convoy of Hope was championing to help rebuild peoples lives and their homes.  just watched a report of the Gov. of Alabama reminding all that the recovery and rebuilding is still continuing.  it will be years yet til all is restored.