Jesus: Beautiful Outlaw

Reading the Gospels without the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off.

The ravages of sin, neglect, abuse, and a thousand addictions have left us all a shadow of what we were meant to be. Jesus is humanity in its truest form.  His favorite title for himself was the Son of Man. Not of God – of man.

Sadly, for too many people, the Christ they know is too religios to love, too distant to experience and too rigid to be a source of life. It explains the abject poverty of the church.  But hear this Jesus hasn’t changed one bit.  He is still quite himself.  This is still how he acts.

John Eldredge has written a new book…and probably his best. As his bride has said, “this book has been 30 years in the making”.  

It is much different from his earlier works, but then again, maybe not so much.  I think  John condenses his message to simply that Christianity is anything but “trying harder; feeling worse” or

There is much good here. It is a great read.  I particularly like the way John has weaved the biblical narrative…the stories of Jesus and his personality and how he lived life…into many stories of others who have found freedom in a living relationship with Jesus.

I’m guessing that Beautiful Outlaw will shock some….that I believe is the outcome of seeing Jesus for who he truly is.  Eldredge’s writing compels the reader, maybe even  provokes a deeper understanding and experience Jesus as he really is for us and even what he was like in the stories of the Gospels.  Capturing those things we tend to miss  as we read the Gospels.  John keenly walks through many of the stories and helps the reader..

hear fresh the tone of Jesus’ voice…
see the twinkle in his eye…
sense the expression on face…
catch his mood changes…

so that those who chase him find him as “beautiful, playful, fierce and even captivating”.

I found it an encouragement that Eldredge’s purpose in writing the book is to wake up those that want to know Jesus intimately by pushing through what he calls the “religious crud” that captures, incorrectly who Jesus is so that we can know him and his true personality.

Lord Jesus, I give my life to you today, to live your life.

I’m very confident that “Beautiful Outlaw” is going to have a huge impact on the Kingdom. I’m sure some will find it disturbing, mostly because it may seem too simple.

the book is due out oct 12th. amazon.

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note:FaithWords provided a free review copy.