Jill & Kevin’s big day- me 2

just have to add this.  when i first saw this early this morning the count on youtube was 1.2 million… now 7/24/09 13:50 its 1,960,242! …and NOW – 7.25.09 12:00 its at 4,639,607 ! simple craziness. (its was posted on youtube on 19 july!)  so if you’re not in the internet viral loop check it out.  and then head over here and see the rest of the story.  there’s a great interview of jill and kevin about the fun they had.

i thought they were at the airport someplace…i figured heading home from their honeymoon.  nope…it turns out they were headed out to ny to do the national morning tv circuit.  it the midst of our many messes…this video has to make anyone smile and laugh.  life is good when folks risk.