Justice is about transformation

going to be chatting abit here on my blog this week about the good folks who are part of the Venture Expeditions family.  love this video they’ve produced to engage our interest.  i only cycled 803 miles…but it radically changed how i see what i can do to make a difference. what motivated me was simply wondering how to keep the needs of those impacted by the destruction of tornadoes in joplin and tuscaloosa.  crazy what God did in my willingness to be present and ride a bike.  the idea that my willingness to engage i s something larger than myself can be used to bring a sense of justice, humanly speaking to those that lost so  much.  i thought having to raise $5,000 in a couple weeks would be impossible, but my risking leveraged everything.  craziness.   how that is impacting my role as a pastor to students is still tracking in incredible ways.

Venture Expeditions from Park Bench Pro on Vimeo.